Story of Mivalli


Mivalli Design is a Finnish brand separated from traditional philosophies in the home decor industry with innovative designs.

The company's mission is to establish a foundation of elegance with Finnish design in homes and establishments. Not only your interior design will shine modern elegance, but personality as well.



Mivalli Design was founded in 2012 by a young Finnish woman, Julia Karoliina Salmivalli.

Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, Julia studied marketing in her home town and interned abroad in New York City. Ever since she was a little girl, she was always fascinated with her home town agriculture, Finnish design and interior designing, so she came up with the idea of putting both of her fascinations together and create a brand which is now called Mivalli Design. The brand's long term goal is to create design classics, become globally known in the home decor industry and also set examples with new standards for future Mivalli entrepreneurs and innovators to continue it's legacy.-#MDesign

'There is nothing more exciting than being part of an organization where everyone values what the brand stands for. The frontline of Mivalli Design operation which set the brand's momentum, was and still is morning walks around strategic design district areas, establishments, restaurants, art studios/galleries all linking to the realm of home decor in Helsinki Finland, New York City NY and else where. Myself and colleagues would meet up in the morning, get coffee and head out on morning assignments. During the process, we discuss future business plans, product designs, recap previous works, as not to keep our brains busy, but simply doing something we love and are very excited about."

 "The signature or slogan 'Wave of elegance' originated as a code name for Mivalli Design plan of operation. It was first introduced in a Finnish summer cottage over looking at the sea. Making sense of the setting and the brand, we put in perspective the relations of the two and decided to make 'Wave of elegance' the brand's movement. The slogan was then used as brand cultural transparency reflecting elegance from community's personality. 'Wave of elegance' was then used ever since." -MD    



All products from their emotional feelings to their names has some resemblance of Finnish agriculture. Therefore not only your interior design will illume elegance, but personality and uniqueness as well. Julia, alongside her amazing assistants Ada-Maria Wäck, Andres Lopez, Anthony Narvaez and a few others, feel determined to lead the modern elegance of glassware with Mivalli Design and stay innovative as they go along. Mivalli Design's photos are by JS Photography (      


Mivalli Design's core values:


- Uniqueness


- Being innovative and inspirational


- Cultural Responsibility





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